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The Aloe Entertainment Team and Mary Aloe Look Back at Independent Film Award Winning

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Having recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, the Independent Spirit Awards for independent film-making outside the studio system, is more and more an indication of what the next award might be. Mary Aloe pointed that out to her team at Aloe Entertainment over a talk about financing an independent film vs. the big budget studio film. “They used to say, win on Saturday and lose on […]

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The Award and the Box Office: A discussion with Mary Aloe of Aloe Entertainment

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Mary Aloe Discusses the Successful Producer and Tax Credits

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The team at Aloe Entertainment asked producer Mary Aloe about using tax credits and incentives. “Yes, excellent question,” Mary began. “Almost every state in the union, including the District of Columbia and many areas of Canada, including Toronto and Vancouver, have very generous tax credits and incentives to include pre or post production and filming in their territory. Aloe […]

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Mary Aloe on the Hispanic Audience and Aloe Entertainment

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Mary Aloe was recently discussing how Hollywood has had a brown out (pun intended) in producing and marketing for the Hispanic audience. She told her team at Aloe Entertainment, “Whether using Latino actors, writers, directors, or producers or bringing Hispanic stories to the screen, both big and small, the Latin community has been undeserved.”   Recent research from the Nielsen […]

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Mary Aloe discusses Box Office Mojo with the Aloe Entertainment Team

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“You need to know your best sources for up-to-date information about each project,” Mary Aloe recently told her Aloe Entertainment team. “There is a premiere site to monitor your success or failure and that source is” This is a big tip for producers and production companies.   According to their website:   Box Office Mojo is an online movie publication and box office […]

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Mary Aloe on the Film Festival

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Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team know the value of the film festival. having taken part in Sundance, Berlin Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Ojai Film Festival, SXSW, and many others. The annual film festival, there are 3,000 of them, can play a vital role it getting attention for your film. “You will get reviewed, press, awards, and buzz going around […]

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MARY ALOE and ALOE ENTERTAINMENT talk about the importance of TRAILERS

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You’ve got two minutes to impress people to share, click, hit, talk about, tweet about, post about, and ultimately buy a ticket or two or 10 to your movie. “It doesn’t matter if you are a micro-budget DIY-er or a multi-million dollar studio,” Mary Aloe recently shared, “those two minutes can make or break your movie and, maybe, your career.”  The […]

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